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About the Event 

Canola Week is a merger of Keith Downey’s Canola Industry Meeting (est. 1970), Wilf Keller’s Canola Innovation Day (est. 2003), and the Canola Council of Canada’s Canola Discovery Forum (est. 2013). This three-day series of virtual sessions will focus on updating all players in the canola industry on:

• State of the industry, trade, end-use products & markets
• Research and innovation
• Cutting edge technologies
• Agronomic issues and the 2020 crop
• Canola fertility is the particular focus for the second day (Canola Discovery Forum) sessions.

Please join us in an engaging, interactive, and informative series of sessions and participate at networking tables to get all your canola questions answered.

“I would like to welcome you to the 50th anniversary of the Canola Industry Meeting, which happens to be part of Canola Week this year. Back in 1970, I created the Canola Industry Meeting as a way for researchers and end-users to work together to drive the rapeseed and later the canola crop forward. Today, having the canola industry working together and sharing ideas is as important now as it was then.”

The Canola Council of Canada would like to thank their core funders for their support, which allows us to host Canola Week and other industry meetings. For a listing of our core funders, please follow this link:

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Featured Speakers

Committee Members List:


–          Sally Vail, AAFC, Saskatoon

–          Clinton Jurke, CCC, Lloydminster


–          Keith Downey, Okotoks (Founder, Canola Industry Meeting)

–          Wilf Keller, Calgary (Founder, Canola Innovation Day)

–          Larry Sernyk, Indianapolis

Public Institutions:

–          Mark Smith, AAFC, Saskatoon

–          Isobel Parkin, AAFC, Saskatoon

–          Jitao Zou, NRC, Saskatoon

–          Rex Newkirk, U Sask, Saskatoon

Corporate Institutions:

–          Hieronim Polewicz, BASF, Saskatoon

–          Van Ripley, NuSeed, Saskatoon

–          Katy Navabi, NuSeed, Saskatoon

–          Erynn Blythe, Cargill, Aberdeen

Non-Profit Institutions:

–          Kent Gulash , AWB, Saskatoon

–          Curtis Rempel, CCC, Winnipeg

–          Jay Whetter, CCC Kenora

–          Raymond Gadoua, CCC, Saskatoon

–          Nathaniel Ort, CCC, Winnipeg

–          Shawn Senko, CCC, Saskatoon

–          Andrew Sharpe, GIFS, Saskatoon

–          Doug Heath, SaskCanola, Saskatoon

Canola Schedule

November 30, 2021

Canola Industry Meeting

Click here for full schedule

AM Session

Challenges and Opportunities for Canola

Canadian and International Industry Overview and Updates

Jim Everson
Chris Vervaet
Dr Neil Shand
Marco Valicenti
Dane Froese
David Kaminski
Raymond Gadoua
Meghan Vankosky
Dr. Véronique Barthet

Heat and Drought Tolerance: Where are we at and how far have we come the past 3-4 decades?

Dr. Malcolm Morrison
Dr. Raju Soolanayakanahally

Research Updates

Amy Mangin
Brittany Hennig
Doug Heath
Dr. Michael J. Emes
Dr. David M. Mutch

December 1, 2021

Canola Discovery Forum

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AM Session

CCC Innovation Strategy

Curtis Rempel
Jay Whetter
Chadrick Carley
Bruce Mackinnon
Lorne Grieger
Shawn Senko

CCC Agronomic Priorities

Jay Whetter and Clint Jurke
Dr. Bao-luo Ma
Dr. Tim Dumonceaux
Dr. Brian Beres
Chandra Singh
Mark Vandaele
Charley Sprenger


Shattering in canola

Nicolea Dow & Taryn Dickson
Dr. Lars Ostergaard


December 2, 2021

Canola Innovation Day

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AM Sessions


Cutting Edge Molecular Technologies

Dr. Kristi Snell
Dr. R. Glen Uhrig


Oil, Health & Seed Quality

Dr. Véronique Barthet


PM Sessions


Protein, Processing and/or Seed Innovations

Dan Kraft
Asiyah Suchak
Dr. Marcus Samuel


Curtis’ Corner: New Canola Bioproducts and Out of the Box Ideas

Dr. Nandika Bandari
Dr. Qiang Liu


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